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Just wanna steal a kiss on you under the moonlight

Friends. That is what we will be.

I think i am better. But you seem to think he is better. Well, your choice. Don’t regret it.

Tired of asking to get close. Feels like i am begging.

I was ready to give you my all. Too bad you didn’t appreciate it.

It’s decided. When my course ends, i will go over and find you. If you already have someone in mind that you are chasing, don’t give me hopes. If you give me hope, end it before finding other guys. Just tell me let’s be normal friends didn’t help.

Last night, you throw me this huge bomb. I stand helplessly let it ticked off. I know you accepted his date. As a Gemini, two sides of me took over. One hoping that you will continue to stay by my side, the other secretly wishing that both of you break up very soon. Oh well. What can I do but to stay as friends? Let me know you better?

Since then, every night i have been thinking of you.

I have been dying to meet you, hold your hands. Can’t you tell?

Yes, that night. That night you hugged me again. It felt so wrong, it felt so right. That warm fuzzy feeling when you hugged me. It feels real good. I am reminiscing that night, where you took the bold step. I like it, honestly.